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All trail rides are by appointment only and need a minimum of 24 hour notice.

Tipping the trail boss is greatly appreciated!!

Trail ride options:

  • Mini Trail  ($35 per rider)

    • A 30 minute ride on property at our Cantonment location. Includes short instruction session in our arena. 

  • Beck's Lake ($75 per rider + $5 park entry fee per rider)

    •  An hour ride at our Beck's Lake property through wetlands and near the Escambia River where the deer and alligators play!

  • Coldwater Recreation area ($250 per rider)

    •  A beautiful scenic hilly 4 hour ride (including a lunch stop) through the Blackwater Forest with its amazing terrain, dazzling views,  fantastic trees, pitcher plants and the occasional deer!  Lunch and water will be provided by IHS!!

  • Romantic Trip for 2 ($250)

    • A 1 1/2 to 2 hour ride at the Becks Lake location with a stop to enjoy a bottle of champagne while taking in the quiet, serene view of the Escambia River  (sparkling cider for under 21)!

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