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Horse Camp involves the daily routine of taking care of your own horse! Campers learn safety around the horses, how they are fed, the importance of water, their breeds and colors, learning or improving their grooming and saddling skills and will even clean a stall! The best part of the day, of course, is RIDING their new equine friend! Each day at camp gives the camper a new adventure by learning respect for the horses and each other and responsibilities that will carry on into their everyday lives and for their futures!

All camps will be posted on our Facebook page, so please like and follow us on Facebook to receive info on our camp days and times.

All Camp days run from 8-2, bring their own lunches, water bottle, and sunscreen. Close-toed shoes are required.

We also provide day camps on school holidays from 8am - 2pm! Schedule your kids to come out for a day of fun!

Cost: $60.

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